Eternal Peace & Infinite Love Corporation Hiring Now!

The month of May was challenging for me. I experienced a lack of energy and motivation. I had bouts of sadness, hopelessness, and depression……where was this coming from? My karma? Collective karma? Earth purging herself of negativity? I think portions of all of the above. And I asked myself the BIG question – how and why does anything happen? Everything seems to be arising spontaneously from nothing! Who can fathom the great mystery of Source? We can go out back of the beyond and further and still never figure it all out.

All I know is that it’s best to just let go and dance with whatever comes up. Feelings are like the weather; always changing. Life would be boring without the variety – all the subtle shades of light and shadow,  the vicissitudes of tempo, crescendo and diminuendo, melody, harmony, counterpoint and cacophony…..

Somehow, I managed to stay out of my own way in the month of May. I had barely enough work to get through the month. I was fine when I was working; when I can be of service, its easy to lose myself in the process. I love my work and I can give myself totally to it. When I was with friends I was ok, but the challenge was when I was home alone; then the mind would wander into the shadows……and the shadow stories were coming up for review and release! YIKES!!

Give up……..there’s no hope……the demons are winning……I’ve failed……just throw in the towel……I did my best but it wasn’t good enough…..admit defeat and end it all….I’ll do better next life…..

I had wandered into that dark and dangerous neighborhood; the F.E.A.R zone (Fuck Everything And Run!)…..yet underneath it all there was that dim ray of light,  that tiny voice whispering…..

these shadows are not real……they’re not YOU……its just stuff you’re going through……problems you’re solving…….they will dissolve and the sun will come out……it always does after the long dark night……

I did my daily meditations, self Reiki, Qi Gong, got some treatments from colleagues and managed to stay afloat. But man, those 2 eclipses had stirred up some major shit and the Pluto / Uranus square was kickin’ ma ASS!

After the Venus Transit on June 5th the fog lifted. I found myself talking to a trusted colleague and friend on the phone. I told her what I had been through in May. She said that she had been going through exactly the same thing! I immediately felt much better! Its not all about “me” thank god! And anyway, there is no separate “me”! That’s an illusion! We’re all in this together and we can share! Things have been great since then. I’ve broken through into a new plateau of abundance and prosperity and I couldn’t have done it without going through the shadows and transforming them into light.

But if the separate “me” is an illusion, then what is really real??

There is place of eternal peace and infinite love that was never born and will never die. I like to go there and hang out. Its open 24/7 – 365. The cost of admission is paid in the currency of surrender. Its an equal opportunity employer and the benefit package is exceptional. But you don’t even need health insurance because as long as you work there you will always be safe and well and there’s never any accidents. I applied for a job there and got hired on the spot! I did not have to fill out an application. There was no background check or references required. The boss took one look at me and declared, “Well, I can see that like every other being in existence, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with you. You’re hired!”. Wow, that was too easy…..there must be a catch! ~ The boss read my mind ~ “There is no catch. Its not too good to be true!” ~ “Uhh…but…but what is my job description?” ~ “You have no duties here. You are totally free….and I am not the boss! There’s no hierarchy here. Do whatever you want. There’s no “right or wrong” here either – just do what you love to do and do it all the way. It will be beautiful!”  ~ “But how do I get paid?” ~ “Don’t worry about that. You’ll always have everything you need when you need it. There’s no scarcity here and there’s never too much either. You’ll always have enough – no more, no less. (Oh, and BTW, you will be saving all beings from suffering…..its only natural!)

I got the job! Phew, What a relief! And now I know for sure what is real and what is not…….never forget……..never forget……

Big Daddy Lion Roars!

Greetings Deer Spirit Friends!

Here we are in the middle of Summer 2012. The Sun is in its favorite sign Leo and Big Daddy Lion roars –

“Fear not! Be free! Take charge and lead the way! Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today! What do you really desire in the innermost chambers of your heart? DO that, because that is your true will and it is the only thing that will really make you happy. What’s that you say? Plan B?? Haha! You must be kidding me! I am a Lion and I ain’t got no Plan B! I go for the Gold, and I don’t waste my time searching outside myself for that which is already within me. You must dig down deep until you find that buried treasure within you. I tell you with absolute certainty that the most precious gifts can be found only in your heart, and when you find your Gold, you must share it freely. Its the gift that keeps on giving; the well that never runs dry!”

“YOUR gift is totally unique and only YOU can give it. There are people who are coded to receive your gift and they need it! If you don’t share it, they will suffer and you will suffer too. You are a Star! Do not hoard your light! The Sun shines equal on all and demands nothing in return. When you are the source of light, how can there be any scarcity, any lack within you? Are you tired of living in Scare City? I don’t blame you! Its not a fun place to be. The choice is clear – LOVE or FEAR!”

Thank you for sharing Big Daddy. That was very inspiring! So much for Plan B……heehee! Wow… think I’ll just discard everything except that which is most precious, then give my most precious gifts away……yeah….that should work…..just give it all away…..just for the hell of it! Why not?!

Grandmother Owl Speaks

Good day dear Humans! I am Grandmother Owl and it is my pleasure to share my medicine with you today. My species exists on your planet on all continents and climates in more than 200 varieties. We rest during the day and hunt at night. We are night birds! We are known for our excellent vision, hearing and flying abilities and we are very efficient hunters. We have special wings that allow us to fly silently and some of us have asymmetrical ear placement which allows us to register minute differentials in sound so we can locate prey accurately at night. How cool is that!?

As you read the story of our form, you can see that our serious demeanor displays wide – eyed penetrating vision and a relentlessly vigilant presence. Our heads and eyes are rounded like the Full Moon and as creatures of the night, we resonate with the lunar cycles and feel the primal undercurrents which ebb and flow in nature. We are very sensitive and wise and we are often the first to know what is arising before it happens. We like to live alone! You will never see us flying in flocks like many of the other Bird Tribes. We would rather spend our days in deep meditation and soul travel in the mystical realms.Our intimate connection with the wind, water, ground, fire, and ghost spirits gives us our power. When we rest inside a tree trunk during the day, we merge with the tree and feel the nourishment of Mother Earth’s womb through its roots and the glory of Father Sun’s rays through its leaves and limbs. At night, we become one with the wind and fly swift and silent like a ghost! We flow like the water and seize our prey with fiery passion! Are we not beautiful?

If you would allow yourself to dream into our form, you could experience the most profoundly mystical secrets of nature! These secrets I speak of are only hidden from you when you are afraid to claim the glorious freedom of unbridled imagination. You are the authors of your reality and your lives will be bland and boring if do not follow your fascinations and let your imaginations run wild and free like a Gazelle!

You humans are funny creatures! You often feel that your bodies imprison your spirits and that you can only be free after you die. I tell you now that this is a lie! It is only your minds that turn your bodies into a birdcage around your spirits!

In order to remedy this dilemma you need only delete all the unnatural limiting beliefs from your memory banks. Stay silent and still and use your Owl vision to peer into the dark recesses of your inner landscape. Whenever you identify a negative belief, swoop down on it, seize it with your big strong Owl talons and devour it! As you do so, your mental body (the middle layer of the aura) will become increasingly transparent, crystalline and serene and will no longer short circuit the connection between the emotional (inner layer) and spiritual (outer layer) components of your auric field. Eventually, you will no longer even think in terms of separate components because you will become unified and feel your unity with all that is. Then you will fly swift and silent like an Owl, guided by the true natural instincts of your eternal essence!

I am Grandmother Owl and I have enjoyed sharing my medicine with you today. I bid you good life dear Humans!

Grandfather Bear Speaks

I am Grandfather Bear and I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak to you about Bear Medicine today. I speak to you from the spirit world as the original Father Bear. We have lived on Earth for many millions of years and you have always respected us for our size, strength and hunting abilities. We are omnivores like you and we have really big appetites. Our sense of smell is so acute that we can smell our favorite foods at great distances.  We are very diligent and perceptive hunters because we must store as much power as we can to sustain us through our hibernation period, which may last anywhere from 3 – 7 months, depending on the severity of Winter in our habitat. We do not eat or drink anything when we hibernate. We never question our basic instincts because our survival depends on them. We smell what we need and then go and get it!
You humans sense that we are a lot like you and we have always found our way into your old stories and myths, like the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We can stand up, walk and sit down like you and we can even climb trees. Some of us have actually let you take care of us and teach us to dance, jump rope and do other tricks in your circuses! Your children love the teddy bears that you give them and they can feel the Bear Medicine when they cuddle them. They  can sense the fact that we are very happy beings with big hearts and we help them feel safe, warm and “fuzzy”!
The main reason that we are so happy and heart – full is that we use all the delicious power that we feed on in the warmer moons to sustain us during the Winter. When we make our hibernation dens we always choose a spot where we feel warm, welcomed and supported by Mother Earth. During our deep meditation retreat in our Winter dens, our bodies absorb the wonderful nurturing energies of  Mother Earth while our spirits fly up into Father Sky and commune with the divine lights of the stars!
We live mostly in the Northern hemisphere of Earth because we have a natural affinity with Polaris, the Northern Pole Star. This is a most sacred star for us and we love to dream ourselves up to the 9th dimension of Polaris when we are sleeping in our Winter dens. When we go there, we bathe in the shimmering waterfall of divine light and feel the power and glory of Creators love for all of Creation!
You can relate to our medicine because you have always had saints, mystics, shamans and yogis among you who do meditation and fasting retreats. We are a good role model for you because we show you how to have a powerful Earth walk by trusting your inner hunter / gatherer instincts, find a safe place on Earth where you can make home and go within, and then use the power you store to enhance your intimacy with the Creator.  We know how to connect Earth and Sky in The Heart! What goes out, must come in, what goes up must come down and the sacred center is always found in the heart. This is Bear Medicine!
I, Grandfather Bear, am very happy now as I watch you from the spirit world. I see the great spiritual awakening that is growing among you as you complete the Great Work of the many eons you have lived on Earth. Your journey has been long and hard but now your path is taking you home to your true natural selves, and your hearts are merging back with the heart of the The Great Grandmother Who Gives Birth To The Universe. Your medicine is pretty darn good, considering that you’re animals with hardly any hair, hahaha! I honor you wonderful Hu – manimals! Good life to you!

Thank you for sharing, Grandfather Bear. You’re a really great guy, but I don’t think I’d want to invite you over for dinner! Hahaha! Good life to YOU!

Tadao Yamaguchi’s Reiki Revelations

As Reiki practitioners, many of us have wished that we knew more about Usui’s life and the history of Reiki. When Mrs. Takata began teaching Reiki in America, she felt that it was appropriate to concoct a story of Usui’s life which would make him and Reiki more acceptable to American biases. Many of the details of her story, such as her assertion that Usui was Christian (he was not), were not questioned until after her death in 1980. In the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s many Reiki Masters began to investigate and actually traveled to Japan to learn more about Usui and his Reiki organization, The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, which still exists today. Since the turn of the century, a veritable flood of information has become available to Reiki practitioners world – wide as Japanese Reiki Masters share their knowledge in classes, interviews, articles and books.

A recent article in William Lee Rand’s Reiki News magazine – Excerpts from “Light on the Origins of Reiki” by Tadao Yamaguchi, reveals some interesting information which enhances our understanding and appreciation of our dear founder and the great Reiki lineage.

Tadao Yamaguchi is the son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who was a well known student of Chujiro Hayashi. Mr. Hayashi, as most Reiki practitioners know, was one of Usui’s students who started his own Reiki clinic and school and who taught Reiki to Mrs Takata.

Mrs. Yamaguchi took her first Reiki classes from Mr. Hayashi in 1938 at the age of 17 and finished her training in 1940, having attained Shihan (Reiki Teacher) under Hayashi Sensei’s tutelage. She practiced Reiki for 65 years and died in 2003.

I first heard of Mrs. Yamaguchi many years ago while exploring the website of a well known Canadian Reiki Master named Rick Rivard. While viewing a photo of Mrs Yamaguchi on Rick’s site, I felt a powerful and very blissful current of Reiki emanating from her which brought tears to my eyes. It was as if I had received a spontaneous attunement from her!

Mrs. Yamaguchi’s son, Tadao was initiated by her and now carries on the family Reiki tradition which started with his mother’s parents.

Regarding Usui’s legendary 21 day fasting and meditation retreat on Mt. Kurama,Tadao states in the article that  –

“At midnight during his third week of fasting, Usui Sensei suddenly felt a powerful shock in the center of his brain, as if he had been struck by lightning. He lost consciousness. After several hours he came to and woke to find dawn breaking. To his surprise, he felt refreshed in a way he had never felt before. During this incident, divine Reiki energy penetrated his body and soul. As his own energy and the cosmic energy resonated together he came to realize, “The Universe is me – I am the Universe.” He had finally achieved the enlightenment he had so long pursued.”

This account added new depth to my understanding of Usui’s satori, which to this day is the source of the divine blessing power of all Reiki attunements.
Tadao’s article also explains what happened to the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai after Usui’s death in 1926 –

” Usui Sensei is said to have had approximately 2000 students between 1922 and 1926. After he passed away, his most prominent succeeded him to run the organization….”
“Among these prominent students were several people from the Japanese Navy. The second president, Mr. Juzaburo Ushida, and the third, Mr. Kanichi Taketomi were both Rear Admirals in the Navy. The fith president, Mr. Hoichi Wanami, was a Vice Admiral. Mr. Chujiro Hayashi who taught Reiki to my mother was himself a Captain. The Navy adopted Reiki because it was very useful on long voyages. On warships, space was very limited so they used Reiki instead of other more cumbersome medical equipment.”
“However, after Japan lost the war, the relationship between Reiki and the Navy backfired. It resulted in restrictions on the activity of the Gakkai. The General Headquarters (GHQ) decided to ban all Eastern medicine and force the Japanese to use modern Western medicine only. The Acupuncture Society lobbied against the GHQ and some folk medicine groups won lawsuits and were able to regain their right to practice. Reiki on the other hand had to halt all official activity because of its connection with the Navy. Practically this closed the door to the public.”

I find the relationship between Reiki and the Navy to be very interesting and I attribute it to the ancient and deeply spiritual Japanese martial tradition. In our culture, we do not think of the military as fertile ground for the seeds of Reiki, but the Japanese martial arts like Judo, Aikido, Karate, Sumo and Samurai are practiced as a way of life and involve intense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual discipline and cultivation, as well as a thorough knowledge of how Ki (life force) flows in the body and in nature. Thus it is easy to see how the Japanese warriors might be more receptive to Reiki.

The suppressive circumstances which arose around the Gakkai after the war explain why the spread of Reiki was abruptly halted and Usui’s intention for Reiki to be available to everyone was not realized until Mrs. Takata brought it to America. Is it not ironic that the very country whose mandate suppressed Reiki in Japan has now become the catalyst of a global Reiki renaissance?<BR>
Another  interesting aspect of  Tadao’s article is his revelation of what happened to Hayashi Sensei after he came to Hawaii with Mrs. Takata –

“There is a lot of controversy about how Hayashi Sensei died. Many people wonder if he really committed Hari Kiri as reported in some books. Actually, it is true that he killed himself but it was an honorable death. He had gone to Hawaii in the critical period just before the war broke out. For a high ranking Navy officer it was a very risky thing to do. He must have been aware of the risk but he was so determined that he went ahead. When the Japanese Navy authority called on him to give information about Hawaii before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor he did not cooperate. Knowing that he would not escape without severe punishment, which would have had a major effect on his family, he chose an honorable death.”

Hayashi Sensei’s courageous choice to refuse participation in the Japanese military agenda and remain unswerving in his commitment to facilitating the introduction of the loving and healing power of Reiki to America was a crucial turning point. Knowing this can only increase our love and respect for this great man and the role he played in making Reiki available to millions of people all over the planet.

I am so grateful that Tadao has shared this information with us which enhances our understanding and appreciation for Usui Sensei and the wonderful Reiki lineage!

Hummingbird Medicine

Birds in general are showing us how to fly free and open our hearts and minds to the spaciousness of the blue sky realm while still having both feet on the ground. They are the intermediaries between the celestial and terrestrial realms and they will give us messages from the spirit world in their songs and flight patterns. In all cultures they are well known as omen bringers. You may have heard that if a bird flies into your house, it is a sign of imminent death. This actually happened to me! In the 70’s, I was living in a rented room on the top floor of a big house in New Jersey. A bird flew into  my room through my window and we later got the news that one of our roommates was killed in a car accident in Philadelphia. When the bird came into my room, I did not know that it was a death omen, but I remember how uncomfortable it made me feel. Wild birds belong outside – they never come in the house.  It was unnatural and upsetting.

Birds are related to reptiles because they lay eggs and have scaly legs and claws, but they are warm – blooded, unlike the typical coldblooded reptile. In a sense, birds are feathered serpents –  like Quetzalcoatl! The reptiles have powerful kundalini/snake medicine and birds, being winged reptiles, mirror the freedom and connection with the cosmic which is the result of full kundalini activation.

Green Violetear at a flower.

Hummingbirds are very unique and extraordinary creatures. They are the smallest of the bird kingdom and they are extremely delicate and beautiful.  Their wings and hearts beat at very high rates and they can hover in place or fly backwards. They are very swift and can fly up to 35 mi. an hr.  They get their name from the hum generated by their rapid wing vibration. When at rest, their hearts slow way down to a mere fraction of their active waking rate. Their beaks are very long and sharply pointed, enabling them to feed on only the sweetest of flower nectars. Like bees, they serve as pollinators – one of the few bird species that does this.  Like other birds, they also feed on insects.

The two paragraphs below ( copied from Wikipedia ) have some fascinating info on the sounds they produce and their beautiful translucent coloring.

Sonation during display dives

The outer tail-feathers of male Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) vibrate during display dives and produce a loud chirp. When courting, the male ascends some 30m before diving over an interested female at high speed and producing a high-pitched sound. Experiments showed that the birds could not make the sound when missing their outer tail-feathers, and that those same feathers could produce the dive-sound in a wind tunnel. The bird can sing at the same frequency as the tail-feather chirp, but its weak syrinx is not capable of the same volume. Many other species of hummingbirds also produce sounds with their wings or tail, including the wings of the Broad-tailed Hummingbird, Rufous Hummingbird, Allen’s Hummingbird, Streamertail, as well as the tail of the Costa’s Hummingbird and the Black-chinned Hummingbird.[23]

Wing structure and colours

Many of the Hummingbird species have bright plumage with exotic colouration. In many species, the coloring does not come from pigmentation in the feather structure, but instead from prism-like cells within the top layers of the feathers. When light hits these cells, it is split into wavelengths that reflect to the observer in varying degrees of intensity. The Hummingbird wing structure acts as a diffraction grating. The result is that, merely by shifting position, a muted-looking bird will suddenly become fiery red or vivid green.[28] However, not all hummingbird colors are due to the prism feather structure. The rusty browns of Allen’s and Rufous Hummingbirds come from pigmentation. Iridescent hummingbird colors actually result from a combination of refraction and pigmentation, since the diffraction structures themselves are made of melanin, a pigment.[29]

The Medicine

Hummingbirds are revered in indigenous cultures, especially in Central and South America, where they proliferate. To have Hummingbird as your power animal is indeed very fortuitous!

Hummingbirds are masters of vibration. Their rapidly vibrating wings give them an unsurpassed buoyancy, speed and maneuverability in flight. They can shift from a very swift heart rate while in flight to a very slow rate while at rest, allowing them to conserve energy. Their beauty, delicacy and refinement matches the flowers that they pollinate. Flowers are like chakras and Hummingbird’s long pointed beaks and their pinpoint accuracy in using them allows them to extract the sweetest nectar.

When we have Hummingbird medicine, we are adept at modulating our frequency, enabling us fly freely in multidimensional realms and our mastery of vibration and finely tuned focus allows us to obtain the sweetest joy – nectar from any situation.  When at rest, we can go into deep meditation and when active, we move with grace, refinement and efficiency, excelling at sharing our gifts in a way that helps others open their chakras and blossom into the beauty, bliss and freedom of self – realization.

Astrologically, we can see that Hummingbirds embody the qualities of Uranus (unique, flight, freedom), Mercury (swift, agile messenger), Chiron (mastery of vibration, pinpoint accuracy) and Venus (beauty, grace, refinement, delicacy). I humbly offer you the gift of Hummingbird Medicine!

Love & Gratitude,
Geordie Numata
ICRT Certified Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master teacher
VortexHealing® Practitioner
Acupuncture Detox Specialist
Counseling Astrologer

I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Ya Ma!

Mom & I on ferry to Governor's Island NYC, Autumn 2009.

I am very fortunate. My mother is 89 yrs. old and has a clear mind and good health. She is a retired nurse practitioner, having dedicated her life in service to those who suffer. My father (R.I.P.) and she were responsible and intelligent parents. They did their best to make sure that my two sisters and I had everything we needed and we had a really good childhood.
I have a lot of respect for my parent’s generation. They lived through The Great Depression and WW2 and then they gave birth to my generation – the Baby Boomers. When my generation got into our teens, many of us became very rebellious. I was one of the first “hippies” in my town. My cohorts and I worshiped The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. We grew our hair long, played in rock bands and got high on weed and LSD – Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll! They called it the “generation gap”…..”Don’t trust anyone over 30”, we used to say. I took my parents for granted and judged them. I didn’t begin to really appreciate them until I got into my 30’s, and the older I get, the more I love them.
Mom’s parents were both M.D’s, her sister was a nurse, her brother was an M.D., her brother’s son became an M.D., and my younger sister became a nurse. Healing was always in my blood, but that healer DNA didn’t fully light up until I was well into middle age. I had worked as a cook for most of my life but I got tired of it and began searching for something new. I read about Reiki in a book and got my first treatment at Louisiana’s Zinn’s Reiki circle. I loved it and decided to become a Reiki Master. The rest is history…..
Are you proud of me Ma? I’m a late bloomer but I finally got it right! Read the testimonials on my website Ma – they’re saying I’m good! I’ve ARRIVED and I couldn’t have done it without ya! I LOVE YOU!

Lose Your Mind and Gain Your Soul

Over the ages, innumerable techniques have been devised to subdue the internal chatter of the mind, all of them intended to help us access and become stationed in the viewpoint of the neutral witness. The incessant internal monologue is a sort of mental virus installed and constantly reinforced by conditioning. We are first taught language. Everything is given a name and then those units of meaning are arranged into sentences, stories, concepts, beliefs and ideologies. With the internal voice, we constantly think about ourselves and others as we wander hither and yon’ in the landscape of the countless mental constructs we’ve adopted. Our habits of thinking can drown out that still, small voice of spirit within us and keep us locked and loaded in limited modes of perception.
Have you ever had a guest in your home who drinks a little too much and keeps running off at the mouth until he’s overstayed his welcome? Eventually, we must politely ask him to leave, and so it is with that pesky perpetual babble which has sunk its roots into the fertile soil of our minds.
In one of Carlos Castaneda’s books, Don Juan tells him that the internal voice is a “foreign installation”. When I first read this, I was shocked. A “foreign installation” !? What the hell did he mean? Who installed it?? Well, its not so hard to accept that it has been installed through parental and social imprinting, but I recently found out that it goes even deeper than that. I’m reading Robert Shapiro’s book, The Explorer Race. Robert, who has become my favorite author / channel, channels various beings in the book who share fascinating “big picture” information about the origins and mission of our species (the Explorer Race). The information about our mental origins is really eye – opening. To sum it up, a significant portion of our mental makeup is sourced in Andromedan DNA. The Andromedans are a dominantly mental race who take pride in their development of the mind. But the Andromedan aspect of our minds is not fully compatible with our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and this creates a friction which induces the incessant mental chatter. So the mind is actually much more of a “foreign installation” than I had guessed! As we evolve, our mental DNA is mutating into a mental body which is less dominant. It is becoming a more efficient and streamlined servant of our hearts, and our limited personal minds are evolving and expanding into greater resonance with the Divine Mind.
In the last few decades, the growing fascination with sacred geometry, ancient temples and crop circles is a reflection of our increasing resonance with the Divine Mind. The creator creates with 7th dimensional sound which takes form in 6th dimensional geometry. All life is based on organizations of geometric forms. We are learning how Creator creates and this is empowering us to become conscious intentional reality creators.
The growing popularity of meditation since the 60′s is another symptom of our mutating minds and resultant enhancement of inner silence. Listening to my favorite music has always been a favored method of meditation for me. My internal chatter recedes into the distance when I listen to my favorite music! When we ride the train or bus, most of the people are listening to their Ipods. I know its irritating when the guy next to you has his Ipod volume too loud, especially if he’s listening to music you hate, but I would remind you – that’s his way of meditating!
For that matter, anytime we lose ourselves in an activity that we love – something that has deep heart and soul resonance, the mind becomes more still. The accomplished artist knows this state well. It takes us out of linear time and into the beauty and wonder of the eternal now. Creating art is a truly magical process which links us to Divine Mind – we call it “inspiration”. We can become entrained into this stillness when we view any beautiful creation, be it man – made or the handiwork of Mother Nature.
I’ve written about our evolution from carbon based to silica based biology in my newsletter. Silica is what crystals are made of. Computers are a silicate technology and they are reflecting our mutation into a more crystalline mentality. Our minds are becoming crystal clear! The clutter of mind chatter is being swept away as we practice mental feng shui. This opens a portal through which the subconscious mind can be integrated into the conscious mind. This involves an understanding of the archetypal realm. We can facilitate this process by studying astrology, tarot, mythology, or reading Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell. The result is that we escape the prison of duality and emerge into the freedom of unity, sensing the divine hand at work within us and all around us – The Self, The Creator and The Creation are are known as one! As our minds become more clear and integrated, they are aligning with our hearts and immortal spirits. As our bodies and energy fields become more crystal clear, we become more enlightened and transparent. Then we are able to empathically feel and read energies directly, bypassing the distracting mental noise with instant intuitive knowing.

Love & Gratitude,
Geordie Numata