Lose Your Mind and Gain Your Soul

Over the ages, innumerable techniques have been devised to subdue the internal chatter of the mind, all of them intended to help us access and become stationed in the viewpoint of the neutral witness. The incessant internal monologue is a sort of mental virus installed and constantly reinforced by conditioning. We are first taught language. Everything is given a name and then those units of meaning are arranged into sentences, stories, concepts, beliefs and ideologies. With the internal voice, we constantly think about ourselves and others as we wander hither and yon’ in the landscape of the countless mental constructs we’ve adopted. Our habits of thinking can drown out that still, small voice of spirit within us and keep us locked and loaded in limited modes of perception.
Have you ever had a guest in your home who drinks a little too much and keeps running off at the mouth until he’s overstayed his welcome? Eventually, we must politely ask him to leave, and so it is with that pesky perpetual babble which has sunk its roots into the fertile soil of our minds.
In one of Carlos Castaneda’s books, Don Juan tells him that the internal voice is a “foreign installation”. When I first read this, I was shocked. A “foreign installation” !? What the hell did he mean? Who installed it?? Well, its not so hard to accept that it has been installed through parental and social imprinting, but I recently found out that it goes even deeper than that. I’m reading Robert Shapiro’s book, The Explorer Race. Robert, who has become my favorite author / channel, channels various beings in the book who share fascinating “big picture” information about the origins and mission of our species (the Explorer Race). The information about our mental origins is really eye – opening. To sum it up, a significant portion of our mental makeup is sourced in Andromedan DNA. The Andromedans are a dominantly mental race who take pride in their development of the mind. But the Andromedan aspect of our minds is not fully compatible with our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and this creates a friction which induces the incessant mental chatter. So the mind is actually much more of a “foreign installation” than I had guessed! As we evolve, our mental DNA is mutating into a mental body which is less dominant. It is becoming a more efficient and streamlined servant of our hearts, and our limited personal minds are evolving and expanding into greater resonance with the Divine Mind.
In the last few decades, the growing fascination with sacred geometry, ancient temples and crop circles is a reflection of our increasing resonance with the Divine Mind. The creator creates with 7th dimensional sound which takes form in 6th dimensional geometry. All life is based on organizations of geometric forms. We are learning how Creator creates and this is empowering us to become conscious intentional reality creators.
The growing popularity of meditation since the 60′s is another symptom of our mutating minds and resultant enhancement of inner silence. Listening to my favorite music has always been a favored method of meditation for me. My internal chatter recedes into the distance when I listen to my favorite music! When we ride the train or bus, most of the people are listening to their Ipods. I know its irritating when the guy next to you has his Ipod volume too loud, especially if he’s listening to music you hate, but I would remind you – that’s his way of meditating!
For that matter, anytime we lose ourselves in an activity that we love – something that has deep heart and soul resonance, the mind becomes more still. The accomplished artist knows this state well. It takes us out of linear time and into the beauty and wonder of the eternal now. Creating art is a truly magical process which links us to Divine Mind – we call it “inspiration”. We can become entrained into this stillness when we view any beautiful creation, be it man – made or the handiwork of Mother Nature.
I’ve written about our evolution from carbon based to silica based biology in my newsletter. Silica is what crystals are made of. Computers are a silicate technology and they are reflecting our mutation into a more crystalline mentality. Our minds are becoming crystal clear! The clutter of mind chatter is being swept away as we practice mental feng shui. This opens a portal through which the subconscious mind can be integrated into the conscious mind. This involves an understanding of the archetypal realm. We can facilitate this process by studying astrology, tarot, mythology, or reading Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell. The result is that we escape the prison of duality and emerge into the freedom of unity, sensing the divine hand at work within us and all around us – The Self, The Creator and The Creation are are known as one! As our minds become more clear and integrated, they are aligning with our hearts and immortal spirits. As our bodies and energy fields become more crystal clear, we become more enlightened and transparent. Then we are able to empathically feel and read energies directly, bypassing the distracting mental noise with instant intuitive knowing.

Love & Gratitude,
Geordie Numata


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MR
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 08:11:31

    Very interesting, Geordie. A couple of thoughts for you: “dominantly mental race”? Is this reminiscent of the Atlantis/Lemuria tales? Some indigenous cultures talk about the “star nations” and I wonder what their take on it is… Have you read any of Gregg Braden’s works? He compares our minds to computer programs (that need de-bugging – lol!) and offers insights on how we can change the beliefs that do not promote our growth; Jon Kabat-Zin had my key to meditation or “mindfulness”, and there are some great Utubes of him. Fascinating stuff and I love it too.

    Keep spreading the word! xox


  2. Geordie Numata
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 11:01:03

    Thanks for the comment M.R.! From what I know of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Atlantians were more intellectual/technological and they thought the Lemurians were ignorant savages. But the Lemurians were more intuitive/psychic/artistic. Sounds familiar, right? Yes, that issue is still being processed today – the “civilized” in conflict with the indigenous! Actually, indigenous DNA is a little different soup than gringo DNA. I think its probably more Pleiadean/Sirian and less Andromedan than ours. Haven’t read Greg Braden, but I’ve seen some of his Utubes and I like “computer programs that need de-bugging” 🙂 He does a nice synthesis of science with spirituality.


  3. Holly Troy
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 21:19:50

    Thanks Geordie! I love this article – thanks for reminding me that we all are looking for ways to clear our mind chatter.


  4. Anne Lossing
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 06:14:24

    Great post, Geordie. I’m looking forward to following your thoughts through this medium.


    • Geordie Numata
      Apr 28, 2011 @ 00:46:02

      Thanks Anne – great to hear from you! If you want, I’ll put you on my newsletter mailing list. It comes out on the New Moon, Equinoxes and Solstices and has articles on spiritual topics by me and other healers.


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