Grandmother Owl Speaks

Good day dear Humans! I am Grandmother Owl and it is my pleasure to share my medicine with you today. My species exists on your planet on all continents and climates in more than 200 varieties. We rest during the day and hunt at night. We are night birds! We are known for our excellent vision, hearing and flying abilities and we are very efficient hunters. We have special wings that allow us to fly silently and some of us have asymmetrical ear placement which allows us to register minute differentials in sound so we can locate prey accurately at night. How cool is that!?

As you read the story of our form, you can see that our serious demeanor displays wide – eyed penetrating vision and a relentlessly vigilant presence. Our heads and eyes are rounded like the Full Moon and as creatures of the night, we resonate with the lunar cycles and feel the primal undercurrents which ebb and flow in nature. We are very sensitive and wise and we are often the first to know what is arising before it happens. We like to live alone! You will never see us flying in flocks like many of the other Bird Tribes. We would rather spend our days in deep meditation and soul travel in the mystical realms.Our intimate connection with the wind, water, ground, fire, and ghost spirits gives us our power. When we rest inside a tree trunk during the day, we merge with the tree and feel the nourishment of Mother Earth’s womb through its roots and the glory of Father Sun’s rays through its leaves and limbs. At night, we become one with the wind and fly swift and silent like a ghost! We flow like the water and seize our prey with fiery passion! Are we not beautiful?

If you would allow yourself to dream into our form, you could experience the most profoundly mystical secrets of nature! These secrets I speak of are only hidden from you when you are afraid to claim the glorious freedom of unbridled imagination. You are the authors of your reality and your lives will be bland and boring if do not follow your fascinations and let your imaginations run wild and free like a Gazelle!

You humans are funny creatures! You often feel that your bodies imprison your spirits and that you can only be free after you die. I tell you now that this is a lie! It is only your minds that turn your bodies into a birdcage around your spirits!

In order to remedy this dilemma you need only delete all the unnatural limiting beliefs from your memory banks. Stay silent and still and use your Owl vision to peer into the dark recesses of your inner landscape. Whenever you identify a negative belief, swoop down on it, seize it with your big strong Owl talons and devour it! As you do so, your mental body (the middle layer of the aura) will become increasingly transparent, crystalline and serene and will no longer short circuit the connection between the emotional (inner layer) and spiritual (outer layer) components of your auric field. Eventually, you will no longer even think in terms of separate components because you will become unified and feel your unity with all that is. Then you will fly swift and silent like an Owl, guided by the true natural instincts of your eternal essence!

I am Grandmother Owl and I have enjoyed sharing my medicine with you today. I bid you good life dear Humans!


Grandfather Bear Speaks

I am Grandfather Bear and I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak to you about Bear Medicine today. I speak to you from the spirit world as the original Father Bear. We have lived on Earth for many millions of years and you have always respected us for our size, strength and hunting abilities. We are omnivores like you and we have really big appetites. Our sense of smell is so acute that we can smell our favorite foods at great distances.  We are very diligent and perceptive hunters because we must store as much power as we can to sustain us through our hibernation period, which may last anywhere from 3 – 7 months, depending on the severity of Winter in our habitat. We do not eat or drink anything when we hibernate. We never question our basic instincts because our survival depends on them. We smell what we need and then go and get it!
You humans sense that we are a lot like you and we have always found our way into your old stories and myths, like the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We can stand up, walk and sit down like you and we can even climb trees. Some of us have actually let you take care of us and teach us to dance, jump rope and do other tricks in your circuses! Your children love the teddy bears that you give them and they can feel the Bear Medicine when they cuddle them. They  can sense the fact that we are very happy beings with big hearts and we help them feel safe, warm and “fuzzy”!
The main reason that we are so happy and heart – full is that we use all the delicious power that we feed on in the warmer moons to sustain us during the Winter. When we make our hibernation dens we always choose a spot where we feel warm, welcomed and supported by Mother Earth. During our deep meditation retreat in our Winter dens, our bodies absorb the wonderful nurturing energies of  Mother Earth while our spirits fly up into Father Sky and commune with the divine lights of the stars!
We live mostly in the Northern hemisphere of Earth because we have a natural affinity with Polaris, the Northern Pole Star. This is a most sacred star for us and we love to dream ourselves up to the 9th dimension of Polaris when we are sleeping in our Winter dens. When we go there, we bathe in the shimmering waterfall of divine light and feel the power and glory of Creators love for all of Creation!
You can relate to our medicine because you have always had saints, mystics, shamans and yogis among you who do meditation and fasting retreats. We are a good role model for you because we show you how to have a powerful Earth walk by trusting your inner hunter / gatherer instincts, find a safe place on Earth where you can make home and go within, and then use the power you store to enhance your intimacy with the Creator.  We know how to connect Earth and Sky in The Heart! What goes out, must come in, what goes up must come down and the sacred center is always found in the heart. This is Bear Medicine!
I, Grandfather Bear, am very happy now as I watch you from the spirit world. I see the great spiritual awakening that is growing among you as you complete the Great Work of the many eons you have lived on Earth. Your journey has been long and hard but now your path is taking you home to your true natural selves, and your hearts are merging back with the heart of the The Great Grandmother Who Gives Birth To The Universe. Your medicine is pretty darn good, considering that you’re animals with hardly any hair, hahaha! I honor you wonderful Hu – manimals! Good life to you!

Thank you for sharing, Grandfather Bear. You’re a really great guy, but I don’t think I’d want to invite you over for dinner! Hahaha! Good life to YOU!